Hurt badly

  • I hate how I fall for straight guys! It's so unfair them leading u on then saying "whoa I'm straight!" Like why the hell would you do all those things that keep leading me on then tell me to piss off cause ur not like that! If your so straight why did u want to suck my dick and ask me to suck your dick!!! Like I really like you! You talk to me and say that you think your bi!! But then after you tell me that, after getting my hopes up yet again you say "oh I'm straight not bi" like why do you need to keep doing this to me!😭 it's so unfair for me! I am so stupid for thinking that you could actually be bi!! The thing that hurt the most was after I sucked your dick u texted me and said lets never talk about this night and just forget that it ever happened! Do u know how much that hurt me inside! Like I was about to cry! I was siting looking out a window because I could not sleep cause I kept thinking about what happened! I just want to replay that night every night all the time because it was such a good night for me! I felt so used and shitty and hurt cause of what u said! I can't stop thinking about you! I look at you and I flash back to me under the cover, making you moan, feeling you, but nope it will never happen again and it kills me to see you! I guess I should be happy cause I have max but every time you say Clair's name it makes another piece of my heart fall off! She is my best friend and I want her to be happy but she has so many guys after her and she picks the one I like! Of course she does! She always has to have the guy I like! What am I supposed to say to her "can you not like him cause I do"? That's unfair to Clair it's not her fault that she likes him, I just don't know what to say or do about this?😭